Ride against cancer

We support the fight against cancer.

From the very beginning, we wanted to initiate a collaboration with a charity that support meaningful causes.

Ride Against Cancer (R.A.C.) Foundation is a Swedish non-profit organization who supports research as well as helps cancer patients in the rehabilitation process. We had the pleasure to meet Mika Thalén. She started the Ride Against Cancer initiative to support research on cancer as well as to introduce the horse world in the rehabilitation process of patients. Ride Against Cancer supports cancer research associations such as Bröstcancerförbundet, CancerRehabförbundet, Prostatacancerförbundet and many more. The initiative also provides the opportunity for people to come in contact with the horse world during their difficult time.

The Fortunate One Ride Against Cancer Edition. We are proud to donate 10% on each sold R.A.C bracelet. We have chosen the Salmon Pink thread as the main indicator of R.A.C. bracelets. 

We hope that our donations will make peoples lives a little better.Together we make a difference. Let’s fight together – we and the horses.