Appearance, Temperament and Personality

Origin and Appearance

Friesian horses origins from Friesland in the Netherlands and are one of the oldest horse breeds in Europe. The Friesian breed is estimated to date back to Roman times. The breed has powerful overall conformation and good bone structure, with what is sometimes called a “Baroque” body type. Friesians have long, arched necks and well-chiseled, short-eared. They have powerful, sloping shoulders, compact, muscular bodies with strong, sloping hindquarters and low-set tails.

Temperament and Personality

Friesians are described as being mischievous, loving and playful. Also majestic, aristocratic and elegant with a commanding presence.


Black Colour Meaning

The colour Black symbolizes power, mystery, strength and authority.

The Fortunate One Friesian Collection

We have named our leather series after horse breeds. The Friesian breed is most often recognized by its black coat colour. Hence, we named our Black leather series after this majestic horse breed.

I Am A Friesian

If you consider yourself as bold, powerful and elegant but also playful, then our Friesian leather bracelet is your spiritual guide to becoming the fortunate one.