Appearance, Temperament and Personality

Origin and Appearance

The Lipizzan horse breed is known as one of the oldest horse breed and it origins from the area of today’s Slovenia. The Lipizzan was bred by the Habsburg Monarchy. They were originally used as noble and elegant horses to highlight ceremonial duties. The Imperial ‘Hofreitschule’ in Vienna became known as the Spanish Riding School. They are horses of royal beauty and elegance, sometimes reffered to the “Pegasus” without wings. Furthermore, they are easy to spot, thanks to their grey colour (even if they look white, they are classified as “grey” because of their black skin), narrow head with a slightly convex profile and large, expressive eyes and swan like neck.

Temperament and Personality

The Lipizzaner are known for being cheerful, generous, friendly, calm and willing. It stands out for its white beauty, its intelligence and harmonious movement.


Beige Colour Meaning

The colour beige represents elegance, serenity, simplicity, warmth and softness.

The Fortunate One Lipizzan Collection

We have named our leathers after horse breeds. The Lipizzan horse is normally of black colour as a foal but gets lighter with the years, given them a beige/white coat.

I Am A Lipizzan

If you consider yourself as elegant, cheerful and generous, then our Lipizzan leather bracelet is your spiritual guide to becoming the fortunate one.