Appearance, Temperament and Personality

Origin and Appearance

Mustang is a free-roaming horse breed originated from the Spanish equines and has become a living symbol of the United States. They descend from domesticated horses. Although they are free roaming wild horses, mustang horses are feral horses. Furthermore, they are easy to spot, thanks to their wide range of coat colours, bay and chestnut, but black, grey and pinto. The mustang is smooth muscled, has a short back, rounded rump, low tail set and normally a black mane.

Temperament and Personality

Even though Mustangs are feral horses, which means they are escaped domestic animals, their temperament is truly wild where they can show traits of rebellion and stubbornness. They are known for being highly intelligent, wise, curious, alert, observant, quick and eager to learn and to please. When not tamed, they can prove feisty and be downright rebellious. Things aside, the Mustang can be docile, caring and friendly. ​​They have an elevated sense of self-preservation observing things on and around them, which is what keeps them safe but also makes them unique.


Red Colour Meaning

The colour Red symbolizes energy, determination, passion, desire and love.

The Fortunate One Mustang Collection

We have named our leathers after different horse breeds. The Mustang is a free-roaming horse in the Western United States. The mustang horse comes in all colours and shades. Red is normally the colour that the breed is associated with. The original mustangs were Colonial Spanish horses brought to America by the Spanish. Since the 16th century, many other breeds and types of horses contributed to the modern mustang. Although free-roaming Mustangs are called “wild” horses, they descend from domesticated horses.

I Am A Mustang

If you consider yourself as rebellious, wild, stubborn but still caring, curious and quick learner, then our Mustang leather bracelet is your spiritual guide to becoming the fortunate one.