Appearance, Temperament and Personality

Origin and Appearance

Palomino is a colour of a horse, not a breed. Many horse breeds such as Arabian, Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse and Morgan produce horses that are born with the palomino colour. It has been historically the most popular breed for the Royal Families, the nobility and high military officials and known as “the Queen´s horse“ and “the golden horse”. Nowadays, the Palomino from California are the most popular and well-known. They are easy to spot, thanks to their beautiful light brown to an almost dark brown colours, their white mane, tail and stockings, and their hazel, black and brown eyes. There are four basic variations of palomino colours. The colours are light Palomino, golden Palomino, chocolate palomino and pearl palomino. Depending on their diet, it will influence the hair colour of palomino horses, mane, tail, and coat. By adding certain minerals and proteins to the palominos diet, the hair will darken or lighten and look shinier.

Temperament and Personality

Palominos are known for being a high-spirited horse with hot-blooded tendencies. Their excellent temperament, unique personality and attitude varies from horse to horse. If the palomino is a Quarter Horse, its temperament can be rather laid back and willing to please. If, however, the palomino is an Arabian, it would be quite spirited and higher strung. Overall, they are incredibly curious, alert, gentle, calm, versatile, social and friendly.


Orange/Cinnamon Brown Colour Meaning

The colour Orange/Cinnamon Brown symbolizes: attraction, success, determination and wealth.

The Fortunate One Palomino Collection

We named our leathers after horse breeds. Palomino is a genetic colour in horses, consisting of a gold coat and white mane and tail. The Palomino in history was a sign of royalty and wealth. Artists used the Palomino horse to include richness in their work. This golden coloured horse was the choice of ancient emperors, kings and queens, the beloved steed in Greek mythology, the pride of Queen Isabella’s Spanish court among others. We named our Cinnamon Brown leather series after this sublime coat colour in horses.

I Am A Palomino

If you consider yourself as high-spirited person with a unique personality, curious, social and versatile, then our Palomino leather bracelet is your spiritual guide to becoming the fortunate one.