Appearance, Temperament and Personality

Origin and Appearance

The unicorn is the legendary creature that has since antiquity been described as a graceful beast with a lion’s tail and with a long, straight and spirally twisted horn propelling from its forehead. It holds a place in popular culture and is often used as a symbol of fantasy or rarity, mentioned by the ancient Greeks in accounts of natural history and in the Bible. According to myth, a unicorn is  easy to spot thanks to their roughly 30 cm long white horn and can come in all shades of the rainbow.

Temperament and Personality

The Unicorn is a highly intelligent creature described as outgoing, energetic, and smart – a unique wild horse. It is seen as a symbol of chastity, purity, grace, peace and tranquillity. Its power lies in its horn, that has a magical power which can render poisoned water potable, heal sickness and foretell the future.

They are known for being very empathetic, emotional and giving by nature. Their greatest strength lies in their capacity to venture far beyond their peers to reach places that others would find impossible. Their search for adventure refuses to see limitations. They are always moving toward the next great idea and they often focus on taking the fastest way to get there. However, they can also be somehow self-centred, attention-starved, restless and excessively eccentric.

Their seemingly endless energy can be infectious, and when they take on a challenge, they are as passionate as ever. While they truly care about the challenges they take on (and they do so often), Unicorns can be quick to give up and search for new adventures. 


Pink Colour Meaning

The colour Pink symbolizes romance, caring, tenderness, femininity, acceptance and calm.

The Fortunate One Unicorn Collection

We have named our leather series after different horse breeds, even fictional ones. We chose to name our Pink series after the legendary Unicorn.

I Am A Unicorn

If you consider yourself as an empathetic, outgoing, energetic and adventurous with no limitations until you reach success, then our Unicorn leather bracelet is your spiritual guide to becoming the fortunate one.